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  • Tracy Swanson
    Jul 1, 2007
      Ceiling latex does well to stick to the ceiling. The latex is the binder to the paint, and the more glossy it is, the more latex is present. If you have ever dealt with painting a ceiling you will have noticed that oftentimes the old paint is rather chalky and will, if rubbed, leave a trace (sometimes more than a trace) on your hand afterwards. This is indicative of a paint which will not make a good primer. I have used latex as a primer, sometimes with good results, but only when using at least a satin level paint, and then not for outdoor use. Milk paint uses the natural enzymes in the milk as a binder (from what I understand). It is basically a step and a half above a whitewash in outdoor durability (it runs and washes away - a half step above whitewash would be casine, which is used as a fast-drying paint in the theater, but has virtually no binder).
      KILZ is, by far, the best paint primer I have ever used, and you can get it tented to virtually any color, but don't expect it to exactly match the latex or other paint that you intend to put on top of it. The tinting machines used are programmed to work from the white base used by a particular brand of paint. They have not yet programmed the machines to deal with the ultra-white used by KILZ. I just finished an outdoor wooden-framed window screen to replace the original one that had rotted while hanging on its Victorian house. I gave it back to the owner with two coats of KILZ on it as a primer, confident that it will protect the wood, even if they don't get the house repainted for a couple of years (it has been about 30 since the last paint job...).
      Hope this helps.
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      Let me be more specific.... . I've got most of a gallon
      of a flat latex ceiling paint that I bought CHEAP and
      then mixed a little black into to paint some halloween
      decorations. It's now a nice light gray.

      Think I can use it? or should it stop taking up space in
      my shop start taking up space in the trash?

      I'm looking at priming a simple wooden chest that will
      be painted later by the guy that wants the chest.

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