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8174Matthew Baker's camp furnishings

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  • Julian
    Apr 1, 2007
      I just realised that I can post pictures to the photo files of this
      List as well - since I'm a member, aren't I.
      So I've started with a few pictures of "quick & dirty" oddments that
      I've made for our Encampments with the "Company of The Duke's Leopards"
      in "old" Jersey, since 2003 - when we had nothing but the clothes we
      stood in and a few weapons - and NO money.
      All the items shown in the new Album were made from Construction-site-
      and wood-workingshop- offcuts and site-scrap - which would have
      otherwise gone into what the British call "rubbish skips" and what
      Americans call "dumpsters"; - and were generally made in a hurry
      because our very new group needed a lot of such items very quickly -
      to "make a Show".
      There even a could of "rough working sketches" for you to download and
      use - as long as you give me some Credit if/as/when you pass them on to
      other re-enactors.
      Yours in service,
      Matthew Baker