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7590Re: [MedievalSawdust] Before the Mast and ILL question

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  • Helen Schultz
    Jan 2, 2007
      I've not tried to ILL the book, since I bought a copy of it at Pennsic this past year.  It VERY worth the $100 for it!!  The book is huge and full of the most interesting bits and pieces <grin>, not only woodworking stuff, but all sorts of information about clothing, accessories, locations of people, etc.
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      --- In medievalsawdust@ yahoogroups. com, "Bruce S. R. Lee"
      <bsrlee2@... > wrote:
      > They found a couple of trestles in the Mary Rose Wreck. Published in'
      > Before the Mast' - Use Interlibrary loan (OK, I have a copy of my own
      > ;-) ).

      A question for the list -- has anyone actually been able to ILL this
      book? I tried, and was told my requesting library couldn't get it for
      me because it was too expensive a volume, and their sources wouldn't
      supply it.

      If you have been able to get it, Could you pleasepost here the library
      that loaned it? I'd really appreciate it.


      Gillian [reluctant to drop $100+ on a book until she's seen it] Durham

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