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  • AlbionWood
    Dec 31, 2006
      I'm positive the 13th and 14th century people took perfectly good care
      of their stuff - it was those damn barbarians of the 16th and 17th
      centuries that wrecked it all.

      As for a 13th/14th c. trestle table - good luck. Painters and
      illuminators were apparently a lot more impressed by cloth draperies
      than by the furniture under them... I do have a closeup of a painting
      from the Musee des Arts decoratifs that I think might be very late 14th,
      in which you can see the front of a tripod trestle. The
      trestle-to-table connection is, of course, obscured by drapery. If you
      find anything better let me know, I've been searching for years.

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