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718Re: [medievalsawdust] Chief Fiend of Evil German Weapon Works eh?

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  • rmhowe
    Jun 8, 2003
      Conal O'hAirt Jim Hart wrote:
      > the [.pdf] link started a down load that froze up the
      > first time and loaded a blank page the second...
      > =====
      > Baron Conal O'hAirt / Jim Hart

      Links to the page you want.
      The Medieval Chests book curiously is not on it but the
      newer Ancient Locks is. However, there is a blue
      link in the page which will take you to the .pdf
      file with the below page on it that has the chests
      book on it. English Medieval Chests $12.95 plus
      shipping from Jack Thompson. 114 pages with some
      measured examples, rubbings of carvings and constructional
      views. I have yet to see another book on medieval
      chests that matches it for constructional details
      until you get to the Mary Rose chests (centuries later)
      which is part of:

      Redknap, Mark: Artefacts from Wrecks; Oxbow Monograph 84, 1997; 232p
      with numerous figs and photos. Hardback ISBN 1900188392. The study of
      artefacts found on wrecks was the subject of an international conference
      held at the National Musuem of Wales in 1994. Concentrating on the
      period of transition in Europe, from the end of the Middle Ages to 1785,
      these essays describe some of the most important recent results. The
      material culture of the Mary Rose as a fighting vessel (Alex Hildred);
      (This includes the wooden horned paned and linen covered lanterns.).
      Finding a copy of this is problematic. I think it's out of print now.

      Incidentally, I was looking at the Mary Rose books and three or four
      studies are due to be published this year on the artefacts.
      Happened to see it searching for other things. Should be in the
      next few months.

      worked fine for me but came through my email when I clicked on
      my own email and not my browser.

      I sure liked Netscape 4.7 better than 7 but the old one kept
      crashing on me one day. Really didn't want to reload an old
      program and risk losing a ton of good mail I haven't yet
      reduced for input. And I really didn't want to go back and
      find the necessary virus patches.

      Apparently the mouse scroller can freeze Netscape 7. I need
      to buy a newer mouse apparently as they say the download
      installer exe is corrupted when I try to install a newer
      driver for the mouse. Damned thing scrolls too far in 7 with
      a single click and there is no adjustment.
      Solution: Go back to using the sliding bar.
      Norton has a lovely little half globe program announcer in
      the middle of the bar that alerts me to programs going out.

      Speaking of which some asshole has forwarded a Klez variant
      with my email as the sending address and I got one today with
      Postmaster@... as the sending address for the third
      time. Stefan of the Florilegium's address came to me on one
      last week. I guess someone has both of us on their address book.
      Klez sure is fun, eh? I use an email scanner in and out, and
      a firewall which is constantly updated. I love Norton Security.
      Wouldn't have a computer with McAfee on it anymore in the house.
      It was removed before I bought this one. This one is virus
      checked at least once per day, especially after download,
      and I update before I download.

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