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714Chests book

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  • Tim Bray
    Jun 1, 2003
      Magnus script:

      >Incidentally, those of you who received free copies from
      >Jack Thompson of the English Medieval Chests book.

      Free?! I paid for mine - and it was Well worth it.

      > - I would
      >appreciate it if you referenced it on your medieval woodworking

      Good idea. I'm working on one for clamped-front chests, along the lines of
      the one I did for beds, but with more details.

      > given the fact that this is the only one with
      >internal constructional details, rubbings of the carvings
      >and measurements,

      Internal details, joinery details, lumber dimensions... all the stuff we
      all _wish_ they would put in the books. Invaluable.

      I only wish it was a little larger format, so the details would be easier
      for these aging eyes to read, but then of course it wouldn't be so cheap.

      >and REASONABLY priced

      Cheap, even!


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