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712Re: [medievalsawdust] Chief Fiend of Evil German Weapon Works eh?

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  • Mikhalis@juno.com
    Jun 1, 2003
      So how does one go about getting a copy of the Jack Thompson book on Medieval Chests. A quick Amazon search yielded nothing.
      On Sun, 01 Jun 2003 00:22:35 -0400 rmhowe <MMagnusM@...> writes:

      >>Warder Uadahlrich von Sassmannshausen
      >>Chief Fiend of Evil German Weapon Works

      I have too much curiosity or too little sense. I just
      ordered a German Major's really rare work in German on the
      Roman Artillery from Castle Saalburg (and other similar Roman
      forts on the Limes). Since it's in public domain now [1918]
      I might be induced to have some copies made at a price.
      I'd put off buying that puppy for six months.
      You wouldn't believe what -I- paid for this thing.
      Let you know when I see it. I received confirmation of the
      order. Now I have to find a German to English by a German
      introduction to the thing written sixty years later.  May
      send it to Caber Press like some other interesting things
      we reprinted.

      The largest siege engines he built were destroyed in WWII.
      The smaller ones still survive in the museum.
      Like the Roman Scorpion.

      Then again I collect really odd stuff on archery and siege engines
      and crossbows - some of it rare.

      Incidentally, those of you who received free copies from
      Jack Thompson of the English Medieval Chests book. - I would
      appreciate it if you referenced it on your medieval woodworking
      pages. The whole point of the reprint was to put the information
      out there -for the Society-.  I don't make a dime unless I buy and
      sell them directly. Since your pages are the places people begin
      to look, given the fact that this is the only one with
      internal constructional details, rubbings of the carvings
      and measurements, and REASONABLY priced it would be service
      to let people know about it. It costs less than a third of what
      other books on chests that don't have the details do - if you
      can find them, which most SCA can't or can't afford.

      For those who don't know what I'm referencing:

      It took me two days to sell two dozen, so people do want them.
      Jack may be retiring not too far off.

      Magnus, OL, GDH, Regia.org

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