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  • Dianne & Greg Stucki
    Jun 2, 2006
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      > From: "Jared" tudweber_jr@...
      >> I recently learned, the teflon coating (in your frying pan), when
      >>over heated (500degrees), gives off enough toxic fumes to kill a
      >>canary on contact [...]
      >> While Im not throwing away my fry pans, it does seem surprising that
      >>this is an approved coating that everyone uses
      > Common household hairspray will kill a canary, too.
      > These things are 'approved' because a canary's reaction is -- rightly so
      > --
      > not the only measuring stick involved.

      Not the only one, no, but a bird's respiratory system is considerable more
      sensitive than a human's, and if something is harmful to them, it behooves
      us to look into what it might be doing, more subtly, to us.

      It is commonly accepted now that teflon pans are not a good thing to have in
      a household where pet birds live.

      I cherish my parrots. Do I still use my teflon pans? Yes, although I am
      gradually upgrading to better quality. And I never, never burn anything in
      them. A little knowledge is a good thing, IF it is combined with a little
      common sense.

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