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629Re: [medievalsawdust] 'sawhorse' trestle tables

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  • Tim Bray
    May 4, 2003
      >Who has made the 'sawhorse' style trestle tables?

      I have made some, in a knockdown style.

      >What angles and sizes did you find worked best?
      >Did you make 3 or 4 legged trestles?

      Mine are tripods. Both the front and back legs are angled, at about 4 degrees.

      >I made a prototype legs from scrap plywood
      >( 3 legged )
      >and didn't like the way it came out.

      I'm not completely satisfied with mine, either. They look nice and work
      well... up to a point. A couple of customers think they are too
      wobbly. This comes of making them knockdown.

      I don't think most of the medieval versions were made to come apart. Most
      of them look like they have pretty thick legs, permanently joined to the
      horizontal support. This would be a lot sturdier, but almost impossible to
      pack for travel.

      I'm still trying to solve this problem: how to make trestles that are
      sturdy and stable, but can be taken apart and packed flat. Suggestions

      >( My wife found out that
      >only the poor didn't cover up their tables
      >with table clothes

      Yes, which makes documentation of these things extremely difficult. 90% of
      the time, the trestles are hidden by the tablecloth. (Simliar problem with
      beds, btw.) I do have a few details from paintings and illuminations; maybe
      I'll try throwing them onto a Web page so we can all discuss them.


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