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  • Jared
    Apr 8, 2006
      I do not intend to ruffle any feathers, it is just that I have gained
      a greater insight on the various amish beliefs in my area since I have
      been suurounded by them. The ones next door to me are most
      conservative, thay wont even use covered buggies, thay go down the
      road when its below zero, holding an umbrella in front of them. They
      follow many other stringent rules, but they do ride in other peoples
      cars and come over to use my telephone, and like I said, use the same
      tools in thier cabinet shop as I do. All powered by a line shaft with
      a diesel engine at the end of the building. Another local sect is
      much less conservative and I know many of them how drink coffee, smoke
      or chew tobbacco, and converse casually and jokingly with others, I
      have no judgemental view on any of this, its just when you really look
      at it, some of them really live something of a life of reenactment,
      with certain provisions. Not disimilar from sca, were we follow
      certain rules that work for most, but not willing to give up all
      This is a concept most of us could ponder, how inclined would we be
      to do things, authenticly, in period fashion, if we had to do it all
      the time, and the easy way was right there and available, all the time.
      The thing about any Amish work or woodwork, that people dont realize
      is that they will always do things as efficiently as they can within
      thier rules, they are not foolish, instead, fitting between the
      guidlines they live by makes them more inginuitive, they have to
      figure out how to modify all modern equiptment to run on stationary
      engines, or build thier own. The largest amish sawmill, a few miles
      from me, has a hydralic log clam mounted on a chasis with steel wheels
      drawn by a team of horses.
      The whole thing strikes me as one giant anochronism

      This is a far different view from many of my nieghbors, who have
      nothing good to say about them and are very unhappy that they moved
      into the valley. As far as I can tell this is nothing more than " I
      dont like them cause thier different" type of mentality. Myself, I
      would much rather have a neighbor who was bound to a life of honesty
      and hard work, than say, someone who intended to move in and start a
      meth lab ( thier quite the rage in wisconsin right now).

      As far as perception of Amish quality being tied to scripture, I
      dont know anyone who is really familiar with what scipture it is that
      dictates what amish live by, so I doubt its possble that any of the
      buyers have given it any thought whatsoever. I am very familiar with
      biblical scripture myself, and attempt to live by it, but I wouldnt
      say it decieds my quality of work, rather its my personal integrity
      that is attached to everything I make that holds me to quality. I
      feel personaly reaponsible for my work, and anyone who buys it should
      be happy with it, and it should work properly. Most likely this value
      of integrity comes from my christian upbringing, my father said and
      lived by, "anything worth doing is worth doing right". If an Amish
      man's dedication to quaility is tied to scripture, or tied to personal
      standards, I could not possibly say, its just that I doubt that most
      any of the consumers have ever consdered the manor with such depth.

      If the rest of the world could live by "all things done well"
      regardless of what god they believed in, if any, it would be a good start.
      . Jared

      about.MUCH SNIPPAGE
      > I hope I have put this well enough to assure that that this is
      nota view of prejudice in any way, and I dont intend to offend
      anyone,just present a logical view on the topic.
      > COMMENT
      > Jared,
      > that's a most interesting Post.
      > Do you think that the perception of "Amish quality" might have
      something to do with their Tenets - "All things done well for the
      Glory of God"? - and - "Not unto us the praise, but unto God, who hath
      guided our unworthy hands in His Work?"
      > Yours in Service,
      > Matthew
      > ["Messire Matthew Baker", Governor & Castellan of Jersey, 1486-1497:
      > Motto - "Si vis pacem, para bellum" (Trans:-"if you wish for
      Peace, prepare for War") ]
      > aka. - Julian Wilson, - late-medieval Re-enactor; Herald,
      Historian, & Master Artisan to
      > "The Companie of the Duke's Leopards",
      > [the Island of "olde" Jersey's only mediæval living-history Group]
      > Meet us at < www.dukesleopards.org >"
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