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  • julian wilson
    Apr 7, 2006
      Jared <tudweber_jr@...> wrote:
      "If the woodworkers that are supplying the wood will also beparticipating in the build, you should have nothing to worry about.MUCH SNIPPAGE
          I hope I have put this well enough to assure that that this is nota view of prejudice in any way, and I dont intend to offend anyone,just present a logical view on the topic.
      that's a most interesting Post.
      Do you think that the perception of "Amish quality" might have something to do with their Tenets - "All things done well for the Glory of God"? - and - "Not unto us the praise, but unto God, who hath guided our unworthy hands in His Work?"

      Yours in Service,
      ["Messire Matthew Baker", Governor & Castellan of Jersey, 1486-1497:
      Motto  - "Si vis pacem, para bellum" (Trans:-"if you wish for Peace, prepare for War") ]
      aka. - Julian Wilson,  - late-medieval Re-enactor; Herald, Historian, & Master Artisan to
      "The Companie of the Duke's Leopards",
      [the Island of "olde" Jersey's only mediæval living-history Group]
      Meet us at <  www.dukesleopards.org  >"

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