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5876Fixing hardwood floor.

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  • Brian Tychonski
    Mar 3, 2006
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      My suggestion isn't exactly perfect but noone will know but you. Cut a rabbet in the underside of the replacement board to the level of the groove you were looking to cut, drop it into place and nail accordingly. If you were wanting to produce a tongue to mate with a groove in the board already in place, I would simply glue a slat (or a biscuit if your prefer into the in place board, route it to the proper height, and then drop the bottom rabbetted board into place. As the newboard would be sitting on the subflooring anyway, a few well placed nails or some construciton adhesive would hold it in place without problems.
      As for making the boards simply butt against each other, I know that that is the method recommended by the carpenter Richard Silva on the series "Ask This Old House" as I have seen the episode where he shows homeowners how to replace some damaged boards in their hardwood flooring.
      Just my two cents worth,
      Brian Broadaxe