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5838Re: [MedievalSawdust] Copyright Question

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  • Mark Schuldenfrei
    Mar 2, 2006
      > If commercial use or interest was the only factor, the RIAA/MPAA wouldn't
      > sueing nearly as many people as they are right now.

      True. But what they are doing is not based upon copyright,
      but DMCA, which doesn't apply to the printed media we are talking
      about. :-)

      > I think you are trying to use the educational/research clause to justify
      > posting. I have two thoughts:
      > 1. This forum is not an educational institution

      It isn't? Oh, drat, I wanted to learn something.

      > 2. What "research" goal is obtained by distributing it out to everyone on
      > the list.

      Teaching more about how to do medieval woodworking, I guess.
      Unless that is educational. :-)

      > Compare:
      > 1. Single person going to a library, getting a copy of the article
      > through ILL
      > (covers educational institution as it's a library, covers a single
      > person
      > doing research)
      > 2. Publishing an entire article to an entire email list.

      They are different. But are they different enough to transcend
      categories? I contend not.

      > Very true that someone won't get sued over this. The magazine wouldn't
      > want the bad press. However.. the MPAA/RIAA *has* won cases like this,
      > so there must be someone willing to litigate.

      Again, totally different issue related to DMCA. And they actually
      very rarely win, but often settle. From a friend of mine's web
      log - he's a professional in issues of media, rights and law, as
      well as an SCA person: ""The DRM, incompatibility and lawsuits" is a lot
      like a media generated "crime wave." It is getting reported more, but
      without any follow up on how customers respond and how lawsuits get
      tossed out."

      He wrote that 2/28/06. I trust his opinions, even casual ones,
      since he also does things like testify before government committees
      and so forth.

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