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5430RE: [MedievalSawdust] constructing a shepards crook

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  • Bill McNutt
    Jan 6, 2006


      What do you mean by “fire the bend?”


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      I used to make these for Shakertown.

      1. Rive and shape your staves green.
      2. Thin down the crook part on the inside of the bend but leave excess so that if some fracture occurs during bending you'll still have enough.
      3. Orient your grain rings across the bend. The center of the tree is the inside of the crook.
      4. Steam it. I don't remember but I think 45 minutes in the steam was about right.
      5. Bend it around your form.
      6. Leave it at least an hour or two.
      7. Remove it from the form but tie it to hold the bend. (Allow for spring back.) If it starts to split off a little keep going. That's why you left extra. If you don't care about periodness you could eliminate most of the splitting buy using a strap on the outside of the bend.
      8. Store it in a dry place for 3 - 6 months or kiln it.
      9. Unless you fire the bend it will be very suseptable to opening up with humidity changes over time.


      Craig Robert

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      medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 10:12:32 -0800
         From: <Thumpa@...>
      Subject: constructing a shepards crook

      How would yall go about constructing a shepards crook?  Does steam
      bending a 1 inch stave sound right or would you glue multiple thin
      laminates together and allow the shape of the form and the glue to make the

      It has been so long since I made these I have forgotten how I did it
      last time.


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