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523tiled table-top

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  • Lynn Meyer
    Apr 1, 2003
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      Does anyone have info on whether tables with a tiled top
      were period? (Any century; location preferably Iberia,
      but anywhere would help!)

      The top surface is just over 16" x 24", with 6 tiles
      each about 8" square.

      I've built the table already -- it was the project in a
      modern "Basic Carpentry" class -- so I can't
      redesign it :-)

      But I'm curious how much of it might be period.

      I can easily document the use of tiles on walls and such
      in Islamic Spain pretty early on -- Islamic pottery was
      more advanced than "mainstream" Europe in the earlier

      The pattern on the tiles is fine, because I painted it on

      Thanks in advance!


      SCA: Halima de la Lucha, Crosston, Mists, West
      (Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), CA, USA)