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4542Re: [MedievalSawdust] Dove Tail ponderance

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  • Dan Baker
    Jun 1, 2005
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      The ones I remember all seemed to be very large, very thick chests.
      It seemed to me at the time that it might be for alignment, to hold
      everything in place while it was being nailed. At least as much that
      as for any additional strength. If you are working with big awkward
      pieces, something to hold it in dry fit would be very useful.

      I don't think Bessy was making K clamps in the middle ages. ; )


      On 5/31/05, Tim Bray <tbray@...> wrote:
      > Hmmm, are we including cases where there is a single dovetail in an
      > otherwise butt jointed side? I have seen a few of those, I was
      > thinking they were earlier then 1400s, I'll have to look.
      > You're right, there are a few examples of chests with a single dovetail at
      > each side. They are kind of an odd creature, because the actual joinery is
      > done with nails - it's not clear to me what the dovetail is doing. When I
      > first saw a drawing of this, I thought it was a fake, but have seen evidence
      > of others, so I guess they were real.
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