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4303Arks and introductions

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  • Su Ralston
    May 7, 2005
      Eirikr wrote:
      > Oh well, my next question was going to be "what
      > did you do with other arks that you had built..."

      Charles Joiner wrote:
      > Well, the first one sank. So we built another one, but that sank, too.
      > We
      > built a third, which caught fire capsized, and sank. Undaunted, we built
      > another one, which stayed afloat. Trouble is, with all these wrecks in
      > the
      > harbor, we can't go anywhere with it.

      Hi -
      I want to second Eirikr's request to have pictures posted to the files, even
      if it's only temporarily.

      BTW -
      Nice to be on the list!

      Also, Charles & Eirikr - do you know each other? If not, I can introduce

      Su of the Silver Horn, Caid
      Su Ralston, Fullerton, CA
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