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428Re: [medievalsawdust] Oakly website

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  • Dan Baker
    Mar 4, 2003
      Ah there it is. You can put up anything of mine, no problem

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      >From: Lew Newby <gideon@...>
      >Reply-To: medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com
      >To: medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [medievalsawdust] Oakly website
      >Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 07:56:40 -0800
      >Try www.medievalwood.org instead and click on charles
      >At 07:52 AM 3/4/2003 -0600, you wrote:
      >><?xml:namespace prefix="v" /><?xml:namespace prefix="o" />
      >>BTW, on the subject, do you (or anyone else) have plans for an indoor
      >>banner stand. A squire brother is looking for one.
      >>Yup? and a BIG THANKS to Farin? if you go to
      >><http://www.medievalwood.com>www.medievalwood.com there are banner stand
      >>plans out there. This is a design I've been using for years and it seems
      >>to work pretty well. Can be used outdoors as well. One thing to watch
      >>with the plans is the grain on the legs? If the wood you use has weak
      >>growth rings then it CAN split if ya' smack it with a hammer to take it
      >>apart? (note: smacking with a hammer is a BAD thing?) of course, a little
      >>glue and a few clamps will stick it all back together but its annoying?
      >>so, good wood to start with is a real plus.
      >>So? (? and another BIG THANKS to Farin) all the stuff is up at
      >><http://www.medievalwood.com>www.medievalwood.com and? getting the stuff
      >>copied to Avery's scageek.com would probably be a really cool thing to do
      >>as well (mirror sites? wow? whadda' concept!!!)
      >>In FACT? (he says? insideously?) I'm sure a lot of us have put nose to
      >>grindstone and made/designed lots of cool stuff that would be neat to
      >>share with the world? you guys game for putting all that stuff up as
      >>well??? I know Conal has a horizontal tablet loom he made that is just a
      >>cool as hell? AND documented? and there's Avery's cart and Rhy's mods?
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