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426Re: [medievalsawdust] Oakly website

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  • Lew Newby
    Mar 4, 2003
      Try www.medievalwood.org instead and click on charles


      At 07:52 AM 3/4/2003 -0600, you wrote:
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      BTW, on the subject, do you (or anyone else) have plans for an indoor
      banner stand.  A squire brother is looking for one.

      Yup…  and a BIG THANKS to Farin…  if you go to www.medievalwood.com there are banner stand plans out there.  This is a design I've been using for years and it seems to work pretty well.  Can be used outdoors as well.  One thing to watch with the plans is the grain on the legs…   If the wood you use has weak growth rings then it CAN split if ya' smack it with a hammer to take it apart… (note: smacking with a hammer is a BAD thing…) of course, a little glue and a few clamps will stick it all back together but its annoying… so, good wood to start with is a real plus.
      So…  (… and another BIG THANKS to Farin) all the stuff is up at www.medievalwood.com and… getting the stuff copied to Avery's scageek.com would probably be a really cool thing to do as well (mirror sites…  wow… whadda' concept!!!) 
      In FACT… (he says… insideously…) I'm sure a lot of us have put nose to grindstone and made/designed lots of cool stuff that would be neat to share with the world…  you guys game for putting all that stuff up as well???  I know Conal has a horizontal tablet loom he made that is just a cool as hell… AND documented…  and there's Avery's cart and Rhy's mods…  

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