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4181Re: rebuilding the workshop

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  • Ralph Lindberg
    Apr 11, 2005
      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, Tim Bray <tbray@m...> wrote:

      > Once you make the leap to power tools, be sure to include dust
      > collection. There's no reason to spew that damn dust all over
      > any more; effective dust collection is cheap now. Less than $200
      gets you
      > a 1HP roll-around DC with 1 micron filter bags (very important), good
      > enough to start with. I can't emphasize this enough - get a dust
      > collector, and use it! Don't buy any random-orbit sander without
      > dust collection (the Bosch cartridge system seems to work the best),
      > consider making yourself a downdraft sanding table anyway. ROSs
      create a
      > lot of very fine dust that goes deep into your lungs; apart from the
      > risk, many people are developing severe allergies and have to quit
      > woodworking as a result. This is avoidable!
      Excellent advise. I have a small Delta two-stage, with a large hood.
      The hood goes next to the sanding station, or the lathe, or... and
      almost all that dust goes straight in.
      However, I find the table-saw doesn't collect as well, so I also
      have a whole-shop air-filter (Delta, but that's just cause it was on

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