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3235RE: [MedievalSawdust] book question

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  • Bill McNutt
    Dec 1 8:16 AM
      I prefer Ancient Carpenter's Tools.

      Master Will

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      See comments, below. Colin already posted a link to my
      bibliographies/reviews - so I won't repeat that. The best general work
      on tool history is Goodman's _The History of Woodworking Tools_ which is

      pretty easy to find.


      Rob Lewis wrote:
      > Just looking through the on-line catalog for the library accross the
      > from my office, has anyone heard of the following books, and are the
      > use?
      > Woodworking techniques before A.D. 1500 : papers presented to a
      symposium at
      > Greenwich in September, 1980, together with edited discussion / edited
      > Sean McGrail.

      A collection of papers covering woodworking from the Stone Age to 1500.
      There's some good information in there, but you'll have to dig for it.

      Probably of more use to the in-depth researcher, but if you can read it
      in the library - why not?

      > Tage Frid teaches woodworking.

      Never read this one.

      > The illustrated encyclopedia of woodworking handtools, instruments, &
      > devices : containing a full description of the tools used by
      > joiners, and cabinet makers, with many examples of tools used by other
      > woodworkers such as, woodsmen, sawyers, coach makers, wheelwrights,
      > shipwrights, wainwrights, coopers, turners, pattern makers, and
      whittlers /
      > written and illustrated by Graham Blackburn.

      Mostly 18th and 19th century, but good for general background since
      woodworking tools don't change that much over the centuries. I'm a
      great fan of Blackburn's writing and drawing.

      > Tools : working wood in eighteenth-century America / by James M.
      Gaynor and
      > Nancy L. Hagedorn.

      An exhibition catalog of (surprise!) 18th century tools. Nothing
      period, but still cool if you're interested in woodworking history or
      old tools.

      > Dictionary of tools used in the woodworking and allied trades, c.
      > / R. A. Salaman ; foreword by Joseph Needham. (this one is in the
      > referance section only)

      Useful for reference, but I wouldn't want to try and read through it.

      > Woodworking tools, 1600-1900 / Peter C. Welsh. (this one is in the
      > collections)

      Short paper on tools, a couple of period tidbits, but nothing important.

      Don't know why this is in special collections since you can find a
      used copy for about $10.

      > Carpentry for beginners; how to use tools, basic joints, workshop
      > designs for things to make, edited by Charles H. Hayward.

      Haven't read this one.

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