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31Re: [medievalsawdust] Roy Underhill

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  • Dan Baker
    May 22, 2002
      Nice, sounds like fun.

      Hey Conal, are you going to be at Kingdom A&S?

      >Hi all,
      > We've been kinda quiet lately...
      >I've been working on some ideas for
      >a combat crossbow, and thinking about
      >this year's campbed ( four poster style )
      > Sunday Christophe and I got to meet
      >Roy Underhill at the Heritage Village
      >at Sharon Woods Park near Cincy. He is
      >a really nice guy. Got him to sign one
      >of his books for me. ( and a picture
      >with me squinting into the sun )
      > They are looking for someone to head
      >up the project for the building of a
      >blacksmith's shop. Wow, I wish I had
      >a little experience in timberframing
      >and a bit more free time. I've put my
      >name on the list of those to call once
      >they start building it though....
      > Conal
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      >LAUNCH - Your Yahoo! Music Experience
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      Lord Rhys, Capten gen y Arian Lloer
      Privateer to the Midrealm

      Arafu at dawnsio mewn adlaw
      ...Take time to dance in the rain...

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