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301Re: [medievalsawdust] What was I thinking?

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  • jrwinkler@msn.com
    Dec 24, 2002
      James wrote:
      >> I told him to stop and consider:  one he was tired from working on the peice all
      afternoon, two he was near the end of the project, and three it was near
      >> closing time and I could see him rushing just a little harder
      to get it
      >> done. 
      This is probably one of the best pieces of advise for "keeping yourself together" in the shop… and for keeping your project together as well.  A number of years ago we were building the "Peacock chairs"…   lots of weekends went into that job…  As we neared the end of the project I was working on the last machining part of the project…  putting a cove cut on each side of the arm pieces (basically a decorative cut) just before they were to be glued on to the rest of the chair…   18 chairs…  36 arms…  2 cuts per arm…  72 cuts…  
      Wouldn't ya' know it…  on the VERY LAST CUT… on the VERY LAST PIECE… the work got away from me on the router table… my nice straight cove cut looked like a giant termite went berserk on the piece…    DRAT!!!   As the materials estimate for the project was done with a SMALL amount of overage included we did have ONE other piece to work on (but I had to redo all the rest of the machining operations on the piece to make it useful… which was a pain…) I took a MUCH needed break before tackling that one stupid arm piece…  Winking smiley emoticon    Fatigue and frustration are a bad combination when you're working with machines that have no feelings or sympathy for you or your project.
      By the way…  Merry Christmas ya'll…  and… hey…  watch out for paper cuts tomorrow… 
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