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298Re: [medievalsawdust] What was I thinking?

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  • Dan Baker
    Dec 24, 2002
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      Ooops, sorry about that last one, wrong button.

      I had a lick or two with tools myself. A moments disraction around tools
      can make for a world of hurt. I took off the tip of a finger with a jointer
      more then 20 years ago.

      There was a news article here about a year ago about the subject of care
      with tools of any kind. It seems some poor soul decided to cut a branch off
      of a tree with his brand new chainsaw. He put up the ladder and proceded to
      cut. His main problem was the ladder was supported by the branch he was
      cutting. As the branch went, so did the ladder sending him down into the
      bushes below. The the chainsaw hit him in the leg, still running, the
      branch fell across his chest, and to add insult to injury, there was a large
      wasp next in the bushes he landed in. Pinned by the branch, he was rescued
      by a neighbor who heard the screams. The man survived, thankfully with only
      a few scars.

      I think about that poor fellow at times when I am considering how to setup a
      project. Think things through, consider what could, might, or will happen
      when you start using your tools.


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      > >> Safety rules I was not following - Pretty much all the others.
      > >> What I was thinking - .
      >Well. so far I've done more damage to myself with hand tools (ya' know its
      >WAY past the time to sharpen your chisels after you've extracted it from
      >your body.) and hot metals that with power tools. although I've had a near
      >miss or two with my bandsaw (. oh, and then there was that incident with
      >the chainsaw. but somehow I don't think that really counts. I wasn't
      >actually in my shop at the time.) We all need reminders now and again and
      >this was sure a "wake up and smell the coffee" one for me.
      >Featherboards are your friend. Avery and I had a conversation about his
      >"oops" not long after the incident (if I recall correctly the paper towel
      >wrap hadn't quite come off yet and the router bit hadn't been cleaned to
      >reduce the corrosive effects of blood). So are pusher sticks, etc. Avery
      >can also tell ya' a great story about table saw kickbacks. (No blood
      >involved in this one if I recall correctly.)
      >We also have another good friend who had the startling experience of
      >watching one half of a board he was ripping on his table saw get kicked
      >back across the shop and actually go THROUGH the garage door. ummm. I
      >should mention that the garage door was closed at the time.
      >Glad to hear that ya' still have all yer' fingers and toes, dude. and
      >thanks for posting the tip.

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