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297Re: [medievalsawdust] What was I thinking?

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  • Dan Baker
    Dec 24, 2002

      Lord Rhys, Capten gen y Arian Lloer
      Privateer to the Midrealm

      Arafu at dawnsio mewn adlaw
      ...Take time to dance in the rain...

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      >Subject: Re: [medievalsawdust] What was I thinking?
      >Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 00:57:43 -0600
      >Avery wrote:
      > >> Safety rules I was not following - Pretty much all the others.
      > >> What I was thinking - .
      >Well. so far I've done more damage to myself with hand tools (ya' know its
      >WAY past the time to sharpen your chisels after you've extracted it from
      >your body.) and hot metals that with power tools. although I've had a near
      >miss or two with my bandsaw (. oh, and then there was that incident with
      >the chainsaw. but somehow I don't think that really counts. I wasn't
      >actually in my shop at the time.) We all need reminders now and again and
      >this was sure a "wake up and smell the coffee" one for me.
      >Featherboards are your friend. Avery and I had a conversation about his
      >"oops" not long after the incident (if I recall correctly the paper towel
      >wrap hadn't quite come off yet and the router bit hadn't been cleaned to
      >reduce the corrosive effects of blood). So are pusher sticks, etc. Avery
      >can also tell ya' a great story about table saw kickbacks. (No blood
      >involved in this one if I recall correctly.)
      >We also have another good friend who had the startling experience of
      >watching one half of a board he was ripping on his table saw get kicked
      >back across the shop and actually go THROUGH the garage door. ummm. I
      >should mention that the garage door was closed at the time.
      >Glad to hear that ya' still have all yer' fingers and toes, dude. and
      >thanks for posting the tip.

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