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293What was I thinking?

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  • Avery
    Dec 22, 2002
      A while back I bought a big three horsepower Delta shaper used. About a
      month ago I got some wiring done in my basement including a new 220v circuit
      for said shaper. Friday I got a lock miter cutter. Saturday I put it all
      together and tried using it. For those unfamiliar with what I'm describing,
      think of it as a 3 hp router table with a 4 inch in diameter bit - the fact
      that it can only be run at 220v should give you a hint of how big a tool
      we're talking.

      Saturday night I let out a yelp and spent a lot of time holding a paper
      towel over the tip of my right index finger. It was not serious enough to
      require an emergency room visit and once my fingernail grows out to where
      all the cut/torn/shattered parts are clipped away there will be no permanent

      This is solely due to the grace of God. I could just as easily be looking
      at the cut/torn/shattered remains of my second knuckle.

      Safety rules I was following - I was wearing safety glasses and hearing

      Safety rules I was not following - Pretty much all the others.

      What I was thinking - .

      If I had put two seconds of thought into how I was holding the piece, where
      it was going, where the blade was going and where my hand was, I wouldn't
      have a bandage on my finger or a sheepish look on my face right now. I'd
      like to think that I was the sacrificial lamb for the upcoming year and my
      warning will prevent the rest of you from doing anything foolish,
      particularly with new toys that have sharp cutty things as part of their
      works, but there is a lot of new year ahead and it only takes a second or
      two. Trust me on this.

      No apologies to those of you who get this more than once. Read it again.
      It'll be good for you. Hell, print it out and post it in your workshop!

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