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2875RE: [MedievalSawdust] Newbie

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  • Bill McNutt
    Sep 2 8:34 AM
      I have a question I would like to open for casual discussion. Are you
      all familiar with the gate-leg table?
      tore_Code=AFD&Product_Code=148 shows one design.

      Briefly, the gate-leg table is a folding table, typically assembled with
      two hinged leaves, one on either end, joined to a small, central leaf.
      Properly designed, these tables can be built such that a table eight
      feet long and three feet wide folds into a central unit four feet long,
      three feet wide, and a foot or so thick.

      Very handy for SCA use, yes? One unit, relatively light and compact.

      Trouble is, they're just not period. The earliest one I've seen is from

      The joinery, hardware, and construction technology are all quite period
      for Renaissance Italy, Moorish Spain, Elizabethan, and even Tudor

      Would anyone care to speculate why they didn't show up until the
      Colonial era?

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