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  • James Winkler
    Sep 2, 2004
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      Will hits some REALLY good points...  #4 really hit something in my own head...  When m'lady and I started planning out the furniture for our pavilion we did two things...
      1: we set up the pavilion and measured it...
      2: we took the vehicle we were going to haul all this stuff in an measure the space there...
      I know this sounds silly... but when we built the stuff (particularly the 6 board chests we keep our clothes in) subtle modifications from 'the original' were made to accommodate these realities...  like wheel wells in the bed of a pickup.  A change of about 1/2" in the height of the leg allowed the chest to straddle the wheel well putting this 'dead space' under the chest...  Oh... and it’s a bit over 4' between the wells inside the bed of the truck...  this means that, if ya' don't want to have to hoist em' OVER the well humps every time you put the chests in or out of the truck...  you build em' at about 4' long on the nose... 
      Also... like interior decorating...  have an idea of what you NEED for the inside of your pavilion and what you 'look' you're going after before you start...  Imagine yourself back in the middle ages... you're heading from the North-of-where-ever to the South-of-where-ever...  you have a wagon and one horse...  or three wagons and six horses... and help...  what do you need to do to transport your earthly possessions on this epic journey? 
      Oh... and LEGS on things are good...  boxes that sit on the ground are sponges when it rains and your pavilion suddenly develops 'running water' as it flows in from one side... and, hopefully, out the other...  (... and RAIN HAPPENS at events... the longer the event...the greater the possibility you'll have a wet floor)...   the less you have sitting on the floor the less you'll feel like throwing away at the end of Pennsic.  (There is always the rubbermaid option for under the bed... but if you're really gonna' go 'period'... this option looses its appeal rather quickly...).
      Oh... and one other MAJOR consideration...  as I noted above... RAIN HAPPENS...  when you're building your stuff remember that wood swells...  get it wet enough and even the loosest joints WON'T COME APART...   recommendations:
      1: GOOD FINISH (marine varnish, maintained oil/wax finishes, etc...) this will HELP to reduce water absorption and wood swelling...
      2:  JOINTS that are designed to come apart (possibly with the assistance of a mallet... which is always a VERY GOOD THING to carry with you...) under adverse conditions...
      3: Plan on extra space in your wagon to put the one or two things that might not ... ummm... be as compact going home as they were going to the event...
      (If you visit my sight you'll notice some plans for folding chairs/stools... the critical piece on these chairs are the dowel pins that hold it all together and allow these pieces to fold up...  get em' wet... the whole 'folding thing' ceases to work...  and now you've got a seat that is going to occupy a LOT more space in your vehicle than it did before...  and a piece that took enough time to build that one is not necessarily inclined to 'leave it' or 'gift it' to somebody else so you don't have to deal with it...)
      Just some more thoughts -

      Newbie advice item the first:
      Before undertaking a project, answer four questions:
      1) How am I going to get it out of the shop.  (Don't laugh.  It's an old
      joke, but I've seen people get burned building items too big to fit
      through the door of their workshop.)
      2) How am I going to lift it?  I've built a couple of panel chests that,
      when loaded, weigh over 120 lbs. (They were to client specifications, in
      spite of my advice.)  That's too heavy for one person to move
      3) Where am I going to store it? Does your house/apartment/storage
      trailer have space for that vargueno?
      4) How am I going to haul it?  (Ok.  Nice replica of the Great Bed of
      Ware, but I drive a Geo Metro!)


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