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2825Pennsic Meet and Greet

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  • Bill McNutt
    Aug 2, 2004
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      Just a reminder:

      We are having a meet and greet gathering that I hope will be too quiet
      and conversational to be referred to as a "party" down in the Bog
      Thursday evening of War Week at House Wild Rose Encampment. I've
      received an RSVP from about 15 - 20 people, including an exciting number
      of our "notables," so I hope everyone will come down and put faces to
      names and talk shop.

      Our gathering remains an after-supper t'ing, so please eat before coming
      down. I will try to work out some finger food, but my budget is zero.
      I will provide iced tea, because that's a Meridian thing. Please bring
      your own libation of choice. If you brought enough to pass around, I'm
      sure no one would object.

      Some guys have suggested a show-and-tell, so if you want to bring
      projects, they're welcome. Or portfolios, as they are easier to schlep
      down to the Bog.

      We'll meet around 8:30 and chat until we get bored and wander off, or
      until the Fighting starts on Friday, whichever comes first.

      We are located in region E24, down in "The Bog."

      Bonus: I've found some pictures of our camp from Pennsic XXXI that
      might help you spot us.


      Directions are as follows:
      1. At troll, place your back to the battlefield.
      2. Go toward the Highway until you come to the first intersection.
      3. Turn right. I THINK that this will put you on Brewer's Road.
      4. Continue down Brewers Road, and cross "Low Road."
      5. You should pass East Kingdom Royal on your right.
      6. Continue up the area some call "Horde Hill," (Also formerly
      known as "Old Tuchuck Hill." You will pass the Barony of Whitewater
      on your left and eventually you will pass between the camps of Dark
      Horde Moritu and Dark Horde (Classic).
      7. Eventually, Brewer's Road will end on the Great Eastern Highway. At
      this point, at least, the Great Eastern Highway is he "road that goes
      around the lake." Bear left onto the Great Eastern Highway.
      You will be able to see Vlad's Pleasure Pavilion from here, but I don't
      know that you actually go right by it. The topology is a little funky.
      8. Continue down the Great Eastern Highway. You will pass Clanne
      Prechanne on your left. There will be a small, very short cut road on
      the right with no name. We will be the first camp on the right after

      We are camped at the foot of the dike that holds in Cooper's Lake. If
      you get to Camp Wolf Den or Abandon Hope Road, you've gone just a hair
      too far. Our camp is decorated in the fashion of a Tudor rose garden,
      and has a trellis gate in the front, festooned with roses. Our common
      tent is a large 20'x 20' rigid frame with a white roof.

      Our land agent has placed a color-coded map of E24 on her web site that
      may help you get your bearings. I'm looking forward to meeting


      Bonus: I've found some pictures of our camp from Pennsic XXXI that
      might help you spot us.

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