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261Shaving Horses

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  • Tom Rettie
    Dec 8 2:04 PM
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      >I would like to build a shaving horse and I saw the picture posted on
      >this site recently. Can someone post the approximate dimensions of the
      >major pieces and the type of wood used? Thanks a lot.


      Welcome. Nice lathe. ;-)

      I know of two good sources for shaving horses: Roy Underhill's "The
      Woodwright's Shop" and Scott Landis' "The Workbench Book." Both are in
      print and may be available through your local library or inter-library loan.

      I generally agree with Roy that a shaving horse should be tailored for the
      person who is going to use it (and what they're going to use it for). He
      says most of his are from red or white oak, but he's also seen his students
      make them from red cedar, maple, pine, and walnut.

      Landis' book has a bunch of interesting designs for shave and brakes,
      including English-style ones where the dumbhead is supported by two struts
      on the outside instead of one coming up in the middle.

      Mine's about 6 feet long, and high enough so my thighs are parallel to the
      ground when I sit on it. Where to put the dumbhead kinda depends on how
      long your arms are. Mine's made mostly from hemlock and fir, which is light
      (good for carrying around to demos), but light (not as stable as it might

      Hope that helps,

      Tom R.

      Tom Rettie tom@...
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