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  • Chris Larsson (Hrelgar) <igelkottinus@ya
    Dec 7, 2002
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      Greetings to all!

      I just discovered this group and hope that I may be tolerated despite
      my limited experience in woodworking. I have been working with wood as
      one of my many hobbies for more than 10 years but haven't done
      anything beautiful or wonderful like the stuff I've seen from you
      guys. Mostly just simple practical stuff. I also have not yet been
      striving for anything close to reproduction quality, but just 10'
      rule. I hope to get time to do better though.

      I have a sampling of some of my recent stuff. You can take a look at
      it at the following:




      Of course the latter is not period at all, but practical.

      I have some more stuff but I haven't had a chance to post the pictures

      I hope to replace my bed with a better more period looking thing this

      On the subject of biscuits... I read some history that said that they
      were invented by a European. The tools were pretty expensive and were
      not commonly used until the 80s when the patent expired. Then using
      biscuits became quite common because the tools became much cheaper.
      Here's a website that tells who invented them:


      I would like to build a shaving horse and I saw the picture posted on
      this site recently. Can someone post the approximate dimensions of the
      major pieces and the type of wood used? Thanks a lot.

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