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2588Re: [MedievalSawdust] Tool for round tenons?

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  • Don Bowen
    Jul 1, 2004
      At 7/1/2004, you wrote:
      Has anyone ever seen a tool you can chuck in you lathe to make round
      tenons of a specific size?  Kinda works like a pencil sharpener, but
      you hold the wood and the cutter goes around.  It was used by a guy who
      made windsor chairs.  Anyone know what it's called and/or who sells
      something like that?

      Check Lee Valley.  They have round tendon cutters in many sizes. The smaller (<1")can be chucked in a 1/4 drill.  Others sell the same tool but at slight higher prices.

      Don Bowen
      Awl Knotted Up Woodworking
      Valley Center, CA             http://www.braingarage.com
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