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2482Re: Lee Valley & Hinge Help

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  • Ron Jachim
    May 28, 2004
      Gotcha. I melted a cake of beeswax in a wide mouth, 8 ounce canning
      jar placed in a pan of hot water. When it was completely melted, I
      added a similar amount of linseed oil & mixed well. I put the jar
      back in the pan of hot water and it liquified quickly. I rubbed that
      well into my clean hinges (Scotchbrite pad worked great for this) &
      baked in a 500F oven until the smoke detector went off (about seven
      minutes). Then I let them cool in the oven. It's easy to make
      progress when the wife & kids are away.

      This canning jar thing seems to work very well.

      By bluing, I thought you meant heating the metal until it turned blue
      (it is a state change in the steel). Once you said bronze color &
      burning off the oil, I understood what I was shooting for.

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