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2470Lee Valley & Hinge Help

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  • Ron Jachim
    May 26, 2004
      First, I'd like to thank whoever recommended Lee Valley for hinges. I
      was driving through Canada and had the chance to visit their London,
      Ontario store and it was great! I had to drag my wife out :-) They
      have great catalogs and even had some in US$ rather than Loonies.

      So, now that I have my hinges (unequal strap hinges, sort of brownish
      rust colored patina), I need to figure out how to mount them. Should
      the small part of the hinge be on the outside of the back panel and
      the long part be on the inside or outside of the top of the box?

      The hinges seem to be intended for #4 and #5 flat head wood screws.
      Somehow, this seems too modern. I thought about using long blacksmith
      nails and bending them over (clinching?), but those nails would stand
      out due to color differences. I saw some pyrimid head screws that
      look old, but they have the same color problem. What do you guys do?

      I'm hoping for the 17th century living history end of the specturm

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