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16216piercers and wimbling irons

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  • kai_saerpren
    Mar 24, 2014
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      Hi all;
      I have been puzzling ("he puzzled and puzzed until his puzzler was sore") for some time about how to simulate historic examples of small wood boring implements.
      I have  two 19th century gimlets that are nearly Identical to 15th and 16th century ones, so I'm good to go there.
      i also have a nice set of new spoon bits made to go in a 19th century style chuck. I could permanently mount one or two in wooden braces. (4 of them , they go from 1/4 to 5/8 +-.  I'd like to find 1" and 1 1/2" spoons, not right now.)
      It's the shell augers I can't get/find. You know the ones that are like a long half cylinder sharpened sort of rounded at it's tip. Very like a spoon bit that has been sharpened so many times it's "spoon" tip part is gone. in sizes smaller than 1/4".
      Every "blacksmith" in the SCA seems to want to make either only knives or only armor. maybe I find one who occasionally makes throwing axes.
      well i'm looking through my copy of "manual of traditional wood carving" by Paul Hasluck. haven't cracked it open in years, and I think I've found my answer. there is a photo of someone using a small deep gouge to drill holes for pierced work. 
      tell me if I'm crazy! I take a small deep gouge, reshape the tip to cut right on deeper holes, and replace the handle with a medieval looking brace stock! viola!
      be well

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