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16106Woodworking shop at Estrella War

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  • John LaTorre
    Oct 29, 2013
      Greetings to the list (or, in this case, lists ... I'm posting to
      multiple groups here)

      I've been asked to bring my "wood shop" to Estrella War this coming
      year. As you may know, I've brought the shop to previous wars over the
      past ten years, but recently the response has been so low that it seems
      to me to be not worth the trouble. That was one of the reasons why the
      wood shop was not at Great Western War this month. As for Estrella War,
      I'll bring it if I have commitments from other woodworkers to share the
      space with me and work on whatever projects they feel they can make
      without power tools. Otherwise, I'll just leave it at home again. If
      you're interested in making sawdust with me, please make contact with me

      Johann von Drachenfels
      West Kingdom
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