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  • Jerry Harder
    Aug 25 11:19 PM
      My forge and anvil are just as awful as you describe, but some day!  Generally, I only bring one tool to power by it.  (weight restrictions) Just upgraded to a 3/4 tone pickup and truck and trailer were at the 16000 lb capacity and I still loaded full the other 1/2 ton truck.   I put it up at the Lilies war every year. (which takes 50 or more man hours)  I have lots of pictures but one thing I have not learned to do is post a web site "URL?" so people can click on it and look at the picture.  This sight doesn't pass such attachments so well.  Alas I am not very computer literate but I keep learning.  High on the to do list is smelting iron, the hold up is getting ore.  I may end up fabricating an artificial ore.  Also to reduce set-up time when I do, I am constructing a kiln at home to make smelter in sections and "portable". My current focus is fabricating the machinery for the machine to run, making the boxes for it to get better organized, and fabricating blacksmithing tools.  I am on facebook and maybe you can see pictures there.  From my perspective and the purest who dosen't understand the hours of time that goes in: Really cool, but big project that is still a big mess. While it still outshines most It still needs lots of work. Its a 20 year project that I am 5 years in to.

      On 8/24/2013 8:11 PM, conradh@... wrote:

      @Gerald Goodwine--

      I make some of the same power-tool compromises you have, and for some of
      the same reasons, such as the desire to accomplish perhaps half the things
      I have planned before I join the majority!

      However, I've also seen demos at events where blacksmiths were using 19th
      Century handcrank blowers and pounding on 18th Century London Pattern
      Anvils. Not to mention the ones who were using 20th Century gas forges!
      The flinch comes when you hear onlookers telling their kids or their
      companions "See? That's how it used to be done."

      The London style anvil is contemporary with the Brown Bess musket with
      bayonet. The hand-cranked forge blower comes from the same decade as the
      hand-cranked Gatling gun. Would we have these on a tourney field? Even
      versions covered with duct tape? :-)

      Your attempt to bring industrial-scale tooling, not just hand tools, to
      events sounds fascinating! Where in the Known World can they be seen?
      I've seen coins made with a drop hammer at events, and finally have my own
      smithy with twin bellows, side-draft forge and iron-block anvil that I
      bring myself. I used to have a spring-pole lathe I brought, but it wore
      out eventually.

      Just this can be a logistic PITA. If you can bring working versions of
      multiton period machinery, you have my profound respect, and I will
      forgive you the occasional stick of dimension lumber, or the use of
      Bessemer steel!


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