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15939Re: [MedievalSawdust] replica antique box locks

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  • bsrlee
    Aug 25, 2013
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      The closest thing I have seen on-line lately are the "restorer's" padlocks being sold by Van Dyke's in the US.

      They have some 'heart shaped' keyed padlocks which are arguably 1600's or so - similar to the triangular locks found in some of the Dutch wrecks on the Western Australian coast.


      and 'screw' key padlocks

      Also some fairly chunky padlock hasps as well as the 'usual' fake Spanish/Mexican sheet metal hasps.

      I think Vandykes buy a lot of their hardware by the pallet as they have 'new' items all the time, but when they sell out of something interesting it just disppears, never to return.

      I have seen the odd small 'Viking' padlock turn up with merchants at SCA events which seem to be coming from Eastern Europe, and there is a fellow in New Zealand who is making very nice large & fancy Viking/Anglo-Saxon padlocks but they run $80-$100 IIRC.

      Brusi of Orkney

      On 25-Aug-13 3:59 AM, Julian Wilson wrote:
      Thank you, Mr. Young.
      Most of my clients so far, for medievally-themed chests and coffers - have wanted to pass the "3-Foot Rule" but haven't demanded absolute historical-replica accuracy.
      I have found quite a large selection of "blackwork" hinges, corner protections, and strapwork available off-the-shelf; - and if I had to do so, I could even make them myself though it's not a Craft I have much reason to exercise.
      But chest locks which will pass the 3-Foot Rule - even with modern mechanisms inside or behind a period case/faceplate - none of the Manufacurers from whom I could by a wide range of such period hinges /strapwork - also offer the extra lock-accessory in their online Catalogues. And no-one seems to offer any replica-"period" padlocks dating to before 1600AD. I've spent hours searching online without positive results - or I wouldn't be asking the question in this Forum.
      I'm grateful for your early response, naytheless.

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