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15936RE: [MedievalSawdust] Antique hand and moulding planes

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  • Hall, Hayward
    Aug 24 11:38 AM
      Cool. I would challenge you to be the first blacksmith to put the handles on the Mastermyr scorp (and other "drawknives") correctly instead of the conjectural drawing of the non-woodworking archaeologist. :) It's funny how everyone copies that wholesale without thinking about it.


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      First hello thank you for letting me join your group, this is a little bit about me and what I like to do.

      First off my name is Jim and I am a period blacksmith amongst other things. I also do woodworking and I appreciate the finer art of hand making my own tools. My current project is to make a series of wood working tools based on the Mastermyr project: http://netlabs.net/~osan/Mastermyr/

      If you guys are interested in learning about making period tooling I would be more that willing to swap information for information or even doing classes as I have a few portable forges.

      Again, thank you for letting me join your group and I look forward to great learning.

      HL James the Smith

      Jim Kotsonis

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