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    Aug 20, 2013
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      One tool. in the shops they may have had more. but bodgers/ itinerant woodturners frequently only had one tool, and changing bevel angles between roughing and finishing then is not entirely optimal.

      I own two antique hand forged gouges that were used in this country (USA) before power was common. both have/had bevels of an angle between 20 and 25 degrees. also the gouges are wide,@ 2", and shallow, @ 3/8" rise.

      with a little practice I learned that I can make any shape you might want with one of them.
      the low rpm and torque of a foot lathe and the very hard steel combine to make breaking/chipping the edge not a problem.

      However this low angle may be dangerous on a electric lathe.
      one tool to rule them all (snicker)

      I have not seen proof of the use of hook tools in early america. Hook tools are very common in Europe and must have been for centuries.
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