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15800Re: [MedievalSawdust] Pennsic classes; Woodworking

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  • Kean Gryffyth
    Aug 5, 2013
      You seem to have missed my camp-mate Harold Basi's day long, "Build a
      viking 6 board chest with hand tools" class... And the Build a set of
      Bellows class that his lady Oksana attended. While more woodworking
      classes are almost always a good thing, many skills and projects simply
      can't be done in an hour or two in an A&S tent. You may want to look
      into doing what we do, declare your camp a teaching camp (gets you extra
      space to set up a teaching tent/area) and run your classes in camp.
      Although this only works if your camp is easy to get to. With the
      limited bus service and the nurtering of Disability Services, anything
      in the hinterlands is simply too far to go for a class. The other
      thought is to participate in Artisan's Row. You can work there all day
      long and answer questions/assist people as you go.


      On 8/5/2013 4:24 PM, K wrote:
      > Hi all:
      > just got back from Pennsic. had a great time. nice talking w/ Master Avery again.
      > one thing I noticed was that there was a dearth of woodworking related classes. unless you count making your own arrows as woodworking. but that only upped the total by 100% (up to about 8). there was a class about making and using a spring pole lathe, I did not get to attend. but then again I know that already.
      > My point is that there should be many more classes relating to wood working. perhaps a whole series?
      > woodworking is so ubiquitous and basic, every farmer has to know some to survive. Nearly every other craft depends on something (even if it is just a nice handle) made of wood.
      > And yet most SCAdians (like most modern people) have no notion of how to cut and shape wood for themselves.
      > I think that many fighters might like a class on how to use a drawknife to shave down a rattan stick into a sword.
      > Others might like to see how to use an axe to make a trencher. or a wheel.
      > I have been doing things w/ wood (carving, shaping, forming, sawing etc) since 1976. I used to teach night classes in woodworking and in woodcarving. over the coming year I will be trying to figure out how to teach some of that in the limited time allotted in Pennsic classes. Any suggestions any of you would like like to make will be taken into consideration. Any portion of this that anyone else would like to lay claim to , go for it!! but let me know so that I do not step on your toes!
      > thks
      > THL K
      > ------------------------------------
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