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15704Re: [MedievalSawdust] Woodworking Safety Day

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  • Peter Ellison
    May 1, 2013
      For me personally I need to put away tools when I'm done using them.

      I have a bad habit of setting things on the top of the pile so I can use them again quick.

      Not a big deal until it is a razor sharp inch wide chisel falling 30 inches to the ground towards my toes.  I have a nice chisel rack I just need to put them back in.

      Also saws I have the same problem, a quick cut, then I leave it on the saw bench and bump it with my knee.  Time for another bandaid ...


      > 01 May is Woodworking Safety Day (used to be a whole week). I know I've
      > gotten into some interesting challenges when working on reproduction
      > pieces, I'm betting a few of the rest of you have as well. Anyone up for
      > sharing the most useful woodworking safety thoughts?
      > For me, I'd have to say that trying to cut a tenon or kerf without having
      > something other than my off hand and clenched knees to hold the stock is a
      > bad idea that no one should ever attempt.
      > Vels
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