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15698Re: [MedievalSawdust] Period Lighting for tents - new pictures from Matthewe Baker [5 Attachments]

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  • Robert Capozello
    Apr 30, 2013
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      We actually made a pair of these for our common tent at Pennsic and they work very well (we also made wooden blocks for raising and lowering them, but we are crazy that way).  We actually found LED taper candles with internal timers which turn the candles off six hours after you turn them on, and then turn them on again 18 hours later.  We turn half the candles on at 7PM, the other half at 8PM.  The first set goes out at 1AM, the second set at 2AM, and then they turn on again at the same time the next night.  An easy way to tell when you have stayed up way too late telling NSTIW stories.  :-)
      -- Marcellus

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      Subject: [MedievalSawdust] Period Lighting for tents - new pictures from Matthewe Baker [5 Attachments]
      Dear Jerry,
       all I did was to post pictures, a few of which I am attaching direct to you personally; - knowing that other Group members won't see them because the Group mailbox strips such attachments..
      And I owe you an apology - I posted those pics in Albums on the Medieval Encampments Yahoo Group, meaning to repost them for this group and forgot to do so.
      Incidentally,  - the orginal Illumination for the chandelier - that is only in ONE of the four surviving copies of the famous "Livre Des Tournois" - the one in Flanders, not the one in the National Bibliotheque de France! The Illuminations are slightly different in all four of the surviving copies when compared one with another; - informed opinion is that each copy was illuminated in a different Studio - or at the least by different Limners.
      That Flemish copy IS viewable online, and it's the last illumination in the Copy - titled  in translation - "Presenting The Prizes", but you won't get much more from looking at the online digitised pictures than you have gotten from Master Greydragon's posted copy, [copy attached from the online book] because the wooden  chandelier is only a tiny detail at the top of the picture, as you'll see.
      Best Wishes,
       Matthewe Baker
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