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15696Re: [MedievalSawdust] Period Lighting for tents - new pictures from Matthewe Baker

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  • Jerry Harder
    Apr 30, 2013
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      How does one get to the "albums" titled: Matthewe Baker's Period Lighting for Tents and Matthewe Baker's Period Lighting items I was also trying to get to National Bibliotheque de France sighted in the www.greydragon to look at the other similar chandelier but only got general info about the premiss.  How do I get to the actual information?.

      On 11/7/2012 3:34 AM, Julian Wilson wrote:  

      Gentles all,
      I have just finished making three replica, hanging Chandeliers after the tiny image showing in a picture from the Tournament Book of Count René of Anjou, King of Sicily, [&c,&c] - this is my take on a decoratively carved version from the DIY Plans originally made by Master Gwillam ap Gwystyl, and on show at Master Terafan's "House Greydragon" website , http://www.greydragon.org/furniture/chandeliers.html >
      I've posted the pictures in a new Album titled "Matthewe Baker's Period Lighting for Tents"
      Why three of them?
      Well, the Oak one is intended for a Christmas Present to a High Noble whose tent has a ridgepole from which it can be hung.
      And the other two, which I made from some 200yr.-old salvaged Pine, [which I'd set aside for something worthy of small pieces of truly antique timber]?
      Well, - with my machinery already 'set up' for each Operation to create the Oak one in my Workshop, - it was just as easy to make parts for three wooden Chandeliers as it was to make a “one-off”. More economical of my time that way, and I'm sure there will be folk in Drachenwald who be interested in buying them.
      [I haven't advertised them “For Sale” in my own Kingdom yet, - so  - if you would like one, because you don't have the tools, time, or work-space to make your own, - feel free to make me an offer for one of the Antique Pine versions.]

       Having just added pictures of an Artefact for those of you with tents that have high ridges and enough headroom to hang things from the ridge-pole, I've realised I've never posted pictures of what I made several years back, to give plenty of lighting in our 'hub & spoke' tents, while keeping the live-flame lights well away from where anyone could knock them over by accident.
      Since I've just made another such Artefact - [we named it a "lighting ring"] - for another gentle at his request [he'd seen ours in use at Raglan Ffair  in August just past], I just added those pictures to the same album.
      It's a circle of timber large enough to take eight oil candles [though one could probably set them closer and get ten on there], - with a slot cut into it wide enough to clear the dia. of the centre-pole, closed-off by a hinged flap; the whole sitting on top of your tent-spoke hub.
      Our original had replica-period, shallow-dished and centre-spiked candle-rests - cum wax-catchers. However, a couple of events back, we used, by accident, candles which produced a lot of wax residue, which overflowed onto one of my Lady's dresses, hung below. Never again - she got the wax out, after a lot of work, - and I decided then and there to use Master Terafan's idea of re-cycled small cans  - much deeper to hold a LOT more melted wax; - which receptacles will also take oil-candles if we ever find refillable ones over here in the UK.
      Anyway, this is to let those of You kind enough to be interested in my various Works, - that I'm posting some photos of the two Artefacts this morning, - in a newly created album titled "Matthewe Baker's Period Lighting items" - just as soon as your Moderator passes the images for viewing.
      In Service to The Dream,
       Matthewe Baker

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