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15609Re: Harvesting your own wood

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  • K
    Mar 11, 2013
      listen up please!! no one has ever in all of the history of wood has successfully dried whole logs without severe splitting!

      if you are going to saw them anyhow saw them up NOW!

      if you wand large stock for legs etc, quarter your stock now before it splits somewhere you do not want it to.

      if you are looking to make wheel hubs drill out the cores at finished size and trim the out side large, wax the ends and store for a year. you will then need to ream the bore back out to finished size due to shrinkage.

      woodworking tends to be wasteful. splitting or sawing while the wood is green/wet helps minimize the waste. By minimizing the random splitting.

      stories about leaving logs for years before sawing are misleading and maybe even mythic, leaving green logs to air dry causes rotting, spalting and uncontrolled end checking. air drying sawn boards is effective and useful to the small shop or hobbyist. especially for materials that are not readily available from lumberyards.

      be well , and have fun
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