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15538Adding files to Yahoo Groups - was Re: Video of the Great Machine

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  • bsrlee
    Feb 20, 2013
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      The best way to deal with things like videos & documents etc. is to go
      straight into Yahoo groups & upload it directly to the 'files' section.
      You probably already have an account with Yahoo groups in order to be on
      this list (it is possible to avoid this, but it is more complicated).

      1. Using your browser, go to Yahoo Groups, log in then go to the
      Medieval Sawdust group. Click on it to open the home page.
      The direct link is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/medievalsawdust/
      Click on 'Files' in the left hand column. When that opens, click on 'Add
      a file' in the right hand column. (Want to make it hard, don't they,
      couldn't be consistant)

      2. This should bring up a window with a box to browse to the file you
      want to upload on your computer (hint: make a copy of the file & put it
      somewhere easy to find, like 'Desktop' or 'C:/uploads' before you
      start.) - now browse your computer to the file, click on it which should
      make the name of the file appear in the file box under the browsing
      window, then click 'open'. This will take you back to the 'Add File' window.

      3. Put a description in the box underneath the file name ( 'Great
      Machine Video' for instance), then click the highlighted box 'upload
      file' at the bottom right. Go and get a snack while the file uploads as
      it will take a while. When the file seems to have uploaded, check that
      it works OK (sometimes things get corrupted or truncated when uploading)
      then relax & wait for the reactions.

      If you are going to upload a bunch of videos and/or documents, it would
      be a good idea to create a personal folder in the files section - the
      procedure is much the same.
      If you have a lot of photos to upload, follow the above instructions but
      substitute 'Photos' for 'Files'.

      Brusi of Orkney
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