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15483Re: Camp Clothes Rack

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  • Avery Austringer
    Jan 27, 2013
      > any thoughts, particularly on how the uprights are joined to the feet? I assume mortise and tenon.

      To me this looks like a good place for a lap joint (like the one on the lower left, here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Woodworking-joint-lap.gif).  If you cut it tight enough and use tusk tenons and wedges for your lower stretchers, you wouldn't even have to glue the feet to the posts - just let the tenon on the stretcher and the wedges lock them together.

      I don't think it really matters where you put the lower stretcher - any arrangement for 4 arms and 4 connection points can rack if you stress it enough.  If your camping spots tend to be nice and level and you're not too much of a clothes horse the shoulders on a lower stretcher would probably be sufficient to keep it from doing so - if you're really going to load this thing down and you keep ending up on slopes you're going to need some kind of angled brace.

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