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15462Re: Two hand saws

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  • i_griffen
    Dec 31, 2012
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      Having experience sharpening and setting these Saws. It sounds to me there is no set in the teeth and the raker teeth are too long and needs to br taken down.

      Method to sharpen Saw, Measure height of Rakers (the rakers cleans the kerf as you are cutting)to tooth height. Sharpen teeth, both sides. Recheck the profile of the raker to tooth, the raker should be slightly shorter than the tooth. Once this is done then set the teeth to make the kerf.

      When I used to sharpen Bucking and falling saws, I clamped therm to a 2x6 then to a bench to keepthe teeth upright.then I would use a triangler file or a flat file.

      Iain Griffen

      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, "gavinkilkenny" <dukegavin@...> wrote:
      > I bought a 42 inch saw off eBay and have been giving it some test runs. Seems to be a problem with it binding as soon as it gets past the depth of the teeth.
      > Wondering if there is any advice from the crew about proper care and feeding of such tools, and any tricks to their effective use.
      > One thought I'm having is that it may need a bit of offset on the teeth- at present it looks to be dead straight, with no offset.
      > Gavin
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