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15424RE: [MedievalSawdust] Re: Vice screws ? (update)

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  • Peter Ellison
    Nov 20 6:49 PM
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      Thanks all that commented I really do appreciate the emails.

      Here is the current status:

      I got two "sample" turning blanks (3" square by a 12") one was hard maple, the other sycamore (it was cheaper for some reason).  My plan to was to practice before cutting a large maple one.

      I chiseled away at about 2 inches of thread on the hard maple blank, about 6 turns into the nut.  The manually cut threads are pretty close to the right patch.  My major diameter was too thick so that caused me to thing I had the wrong pitch.

      My screwbox cutter is the wrong shape and not sharp enough, so I decided to abandon that part of the project for now.  A two and a half inch major diameter screw needs two cutters.  I'm not sure I'm smart enough to get that to work.

      I took a short cut, a bit strange because I'm mostly a hand tool using primate.  The chiseling was just too slow.

      I mounted the screwbox on the mini-mill, chucked up a 60 degree 1/2" router bit, lined it up where the cutter should have been and manually turned the screw into the screwbox past the router bit.  Other that some chewed up threads, that look a lot like the ones I did with a chisel they threads came out pretty decent.  The will not win a beauty contest, but they are strong and hold fast.  I'd like to state this process is NOT for the faint of heart, even with everything mounts securely to the table there is lots of vibration and chips flying everywhere.

      The hard maple one threads are a little smoother than the sycamore.  Since the maple was the one I did first, likely if I did another one it would come out better.

      One thing that I did note is that you can't find a large triangular file at a home store or Menard's.  So I'll be making a triangular sanding block so that I can smooth out the tooling marks and make things work a little better.

      I have a Moxon vise that I make with the 6 threads/inch 1.5" screws that I have not been happy with so I decided to drill out the holes and tap them with the new manual tap since I have two fully functional screws.  So far that process has gone pretty well.

      I'll try and get some pictures eventually of the results.

      I'll send another update in a couple of days.


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