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15417Re: new pictures from Matthewe Baker - flat-pack 4-person table & 2 matching benches

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  • Diane
    Nov 16, 2012
      This is a truly beautiful set you have made. Thank you for the photos.

      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, "Julian Wilson" <lhjw66576@...> wrote:
      > I have just added 3 pictures of a just-completed 4-person Gothic-carved table and two benches, - to the Album "Matthewe Baker's items for Camp".
      > I used antique pine boards salvaged from the loft of a 17th Century Jersey farmhouse which has recently been converted into several Residential Units. The boards had been stored under the eaves,covered with oiled canvas which was so fragile it broke-up when we found the stack of timber while clearing the loft-space to begin the conversion work; luckily, I was in the loft at the time, measuring-up for new rafters and purlins to be fitted to the original A-frames. One of our labourers was about to consign the old timber to the Site's rubbish skip [you Americans call these dumpsters, I think?] Thankfully, I noticed, and told him to load the material into my Van to take back to my workshop, for examination and [hopefully] re-cycling. [ I love to re-cycle really-old timber when any "sound" stuff comes my way from historic-property renovations - and my island has a very big reservoir of 16th.C.,17th C., and 18th C. farmhouses and barns, and merchant's houses]. The timber was fine, once I cleaned the dust off it, and did some surface sanding; - so I set-it aside in my special-storage racks; - and waited for inspiration to happen for a suitable project to begin to use it. The timber colour is carefully copied from an authentic Tudor-period item of Pine furniture on display at the Château de Suscinio, Vannes, Brittany - which I have visited several times because it's only 2hrs drive from our nearest French ferry-port of St. Malo.
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